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Chechigo is a creative film making project, based on the concept of balance. It aims 
at exchanging knowledge through art.
Its concept is to develop an open platform 
that promotes creativeness as a way of life and self-expression.
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18 July 2016FILMS - 'The Golden Soul of Bulgaria'
13 July 2016FILMS - 'Friendship Between Different Worlds' - Le Petit Prince, Alice from Wonderland and a contemporary girl magically find themselves side by side to prove that even though they come from different worlds, they can be friends.
16 May 2016FILMS - 'Marathon Varna 2016'
12 May 2016 The design of the web site is now updated
29 April 2016 FILMS - 'The Best' 
29 April 2016 ARTICLES - 'Key of Vision'
29 April 2016 Here you will find a recommended selection of Chechigo's films
28 April 2016 Chechigo's new website is now live