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Here you will find a recommended selection of Chechigo's films.
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Under every movie title there are its key words. Enjoy seeing!

'The Golden Soul of Bulgaria' (2016)
Folklore, Traditions, Bulgarians, Seven Rila Lakes, Rozhen gathering

'Godless' (2016)
Ski, Snowboard, Trip, Jupiter

'Transition' (2015)
Sunsets, Ending, Varna

'The Dusk of Dusk' (2015)
Past, Future, Present, Secrets

'The Island of Silenauts' (2015)
Beyond Words, Magic, Festival, Beglika, The Rhodopes

'WakeЪп!' (2015)
WakeЪп! Festival, Music, Nature, People, Sunrise

'Concert of First Highschool of Varna' (2015)
Summer Theater, 50 Years Anniversary, Talented Students

'Young Night, Wise Morning' (2015)
Fairy Tale, Open Air Festival, Music, Workshops, Beglika, The Rhodopes

'Alone' (2014)
Christmas, Wanderer, Park, Mall, Dream