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Here you will find Chechigo's films in chronological order.
Under every film title there are its key words. Enjoy seeing!

'Blue Moon' (2015)
Full Moon

'At Varna' (2015)
Beach, Black Sea, Volleyball, National Team, Palace of Culture and Sports

'WakeЪп!' (2015)
WakeЪп! Festival, Music, Nature, People, Sunrise

'WakeЪп! Home Movie (2015)
WakeЪп! Festival, Music, Nature, People, Sunrise, Sunflowers

'Concert of First Highschool of Varna' (2015)
Summer Theater, 50 Years Anniversary, Talented Students

'Erasmus+ project "Just Do It 2gether'  (2015)
Youth Project, Lithuania, Greece, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Sports, Non-formal Education

"Adrenaline - behind the scenes" (2015)
Bungee Jumping, Asparuhov Bridge

"Adrenaline" (2015)
Bungee Jumping, Asparuhov Bridge, club Adrenalin

'BBoy Red Bull Championship Sofia' (2015)
Battles, Dancing, Winner, Queen Marry

'Solar Eclipse Smile' (2015)
University of Sofia Astronomical Observatory, Observation Filters