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Key of Vision
by Chechigo
his article works as a key of vision. It is based on the layers of perception in the short film 'Godless', and its purpose is to give the viewer multi aspect of it, furthermore to give multi aspect of the entire art of Chechigo as well as the mechanism of interpretation of all creative work out there, as it is an universal key. Salvador Dalí says 'I am the first to be surprised and often terrified by the images that I see appear on my canvas' and I share his option - don't forget that besides the creator, I am also a spectator of my movies and amazement is often the feeling I get by seeing them.

'Godless' was shot in 2015 by my friends and me while we were on a vacation in Dobrinishte, Bulgarian town and ski resort. It was all fun and play, yet I planned to make a film of it when I had enough time. An year later we were about to go to Dobrinishte again and I felt the time to make the movie had comeWhile creating I often don't have an exact preliminary plan - I count on my intuition. Without knowing what the final result will be, I go for the moment, for the flow, and when I'm on it I start following and realizing it. This is how I get the most unique and valuable results of my work.

At the start of the post-production process I decided that the movie will be in English, just like most of my films are, as I aim to create an open and accessible art and since the platform I step on is the Internet, I feel it's right to use its unofficially official language. The working title was 'Dobrinishte' but after selecting the best scenes I realized that most of the action is not at the town, but rather at the ski zone around the lodge and the peak, both called 'Bezbog'. That name sounds pretty bizarre in English, so I searched for a resonant translation. Literary 'Bezbog' means 'Without God' but that didn't sound good enough to me, and then, at the right time YouTube auto-play surprised me with a tune by Faithless and thus inspired me for the original film title 'Godless'.

Subsequently I decided that all the action will be in an imaginary realm, so I could have the freedom to create fictional names (which however resonate with the real ones). I found out that 'Dobrinishte' means 'town of good deeds' and thus its name in the film is 'Goodnessy'. It's a wordplay, having in mind that 'My goodness!' is interchangeable with 'Oh my God!'. The name of the mountain led to a series of synchronicities. It is 'Pirin' which stands for Perun - the highest god of the Slavic pantheon and the god of thunder and lightning. Those who are interested in mythology know that certain deities could be found in the legends of almost all nations under different names. Perun is actually the Slavic name of Zeus (in Greece), Thor (in Scandinavia) and Jupiter (in Rome). At that moment I had already finished most of the visions in the film, which strikingly resemble the surface of Jupiter, the planet.

Its name is no coincidence, the planet is famous with its Great Red Sport, which is believed to be an enormous persistent storm. The visions, which resemble the surface of Jupiter, are actually mirror negative scenes of the mountain, of Perun, the same deity as Jupiter. The connection in between can be traced in a linguistic manner as well:
p-i-r-i-n ~ p-e-r-u-n ~ j-u-p-i-t-e-r.

Another synchronicity can be found in the lyrics of the soundtrack. Right before the start of the Jupiter visions it goes 'you know it is frightening, you know it’s like lightning'. The thunder and lightning god can be terrifying, but he also protects mankind and is worshiped as healing and fertility god. His personifications Zeus and Perun are the kings and the highest gods of their pantheons. Zeus lived in Mount Olympus which rises only 1 meter less than Pirin. The two mountains are very similar, they can be compared to twins.

In one of the vision scenes, eyes appear on the surface of Jupiter, a mirror image of the mountain and the sun. Jupiter (Pirin) is personificated. The mountain is a metaphor of the thunder god. It can be harsh, terrifying and dangerous, but it can also be mild, splendid and deified. Anyone who goes there: skier, snowboarder, tourist or climber, should be aware of that. The film has 4 key words: #ski, #snowboard, #trip and #Jupiter. While the first two are easily perceived, the second two are those who bring deeper meaning. Trip can stand for a walk in the mountain, yet it also means a journey across imagination.

Someone could ask me why did I name the film 'Godless' since it's about mythological gods. Is this reverse psychology? No, it's because of the message shown letter by letter in the Jupiter visions - 'God is godless'. Why do I think so? Let's assume that I am God. Then I would be godless, I wouldn't believe in myself, because I would know about myself. The more I know, the less I believe, and since I am the divine consciousness I know everything. However there is a possibility that I would be godly if I have forgotten about myself. The oblivion would be the source of my faith. All religious systems have the power to entangle us in the net of deception and further oblivion, but they can also help us remember. That's why it all depends on the interpreter, it all comes down to you. The film ends with a starry sky, symbolizing the countless gods in which the humanity believes. Then the title appears to remind us for all that It is 'Godless'.

Perhaps the film looks like a recorded ski trip of a group of friends, but it goes beyond that. The key lies in looking beyond the surface and trusting your intuition to see. The author may have had a certain idea, but if you see something else, it doesn't mean you are wrong. Multi-aspectness is a fine function of art. It can have many contexts, however the key contexts to you are the ones you envision. Keep in mind that seeing is more than watching. In my art I consciously and subconsciously share priceless knowledge that can be interpreted with the correct key. If someone "accidentally" has thought that the glasses of Chechigo symbolize the key of vision, they are right :) The key is now in you.